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Welcome to Real Estate Law Center

Real Estate Law Center assists homeowners in their struggle against predatory mortgage lending and wrongful foreclosures. The Real Estate Law Center offers a variety of solutions for homeowners in distress, behind on payments, losing their property to foreclosure and those who have lost their property to foreclosure but are still living in the home.

Predatory mortgage lending, according to the office of inspector general of the FDIC, is "imposing unfair and abusive loan terms on borrowers."

Real Estate Law Center offers many effective solutions, including Individual litigation, which involves state and federal filings for homeowners who have been wronged by their lender because of predatory lending practices or loan fraud. In Individual Litigation a homeowner can get relief through a settlement of a monetary reward or a change in interest rate and/or principal balance.

Mission: Real Estate Law Center is comprised of professional real estate litigation attorneys and underwriting mortgage professionals. Our vision is to become a trusted source for real estate and foreclosure litigation for homeowners throughout the state of California. We strive to serve California homeowners with truthful information and guidance to better their financial future.

We believe in:
  • Adhering to California state laws regarding litigation and foreclosure assistance
  • Creating company processes that work for our clients and for our staff
  • Having a licensed CA attorney review every case before services are described
  • Having a licensed CA attorney speak to ever single client before they retain our firm
  • Teaching our team how to be ethical and honest without shortcuts
  • Being kind and helping others even if it doesn't benefit us at times
  • Challenging ourselves to continually learn, grow and improve
  • Giving the public quality information for free as a way of introducing ourselves and earning their trust.

We believe in being examples of the best legal professional team operating in the real estate/foreclosure industry. We strive to operate with integrity, self-discipline and in compliance with the laws governing this industry. We are committed to building a law firm that creates a lasting legacy and impact for our clients across California.

Our firm is located in Downtown Los Angeles, California.
We welcome your inquiries regarding a lawsuit against your lender.

Contact the Real Estate Law Center for additional information.

The Bank of America Complaint is a landmark lawsuit filed on behalf of homeowners. Many borrowers can be greatly helped by this action.
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This mortgage calculator is to be used as a tool for homeowners to calculate what their new payment would likely be if we prevail in our lawsuit.
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